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Gdańsk - Park "Nad Strzyza"

Gdańsk - Park google map 54.380603077572346,18.61825258199542

Park in the area of ​​streets Wyspiański Haller, Kubacz and Leczkowa, originally founded in the neglected field. The park area is 2 hectares. There is a gazebo with benches styled the second half. Nineteenth century, cast iron-like wooden benches with backrest, litter bins and street lamps. For children and young people's playground and ramps to ride on rolls. There is also ping-pong table and a children's basketball field. Along park the is a small river "Struga", you can go over the picturesque bridge. In addition to note the interesting architecture of this part of the city.

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Gdańsk - Former Marienplatz

Gdańsk - Former Marienplatz google map 54.38172563996547,18.612947172563963

Currently nameless, square located in Lower Wrzeszcz (district of Gdansk). Today's square is basically crossroads od Wajdeloty, Aldona and Danusia streets in the form of a rondo, with an interesting semi-circular shaped buildings around.

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Gdańsk - In front of Shopping Center Galeria Baltycka

Gdańsk - In front of Shopping Center Galeria Baltycka google map 54.38278997851435,18.598728782576018

In Galeria Baltycka You will find 200 shops and boutiques, and even more fashionable brands - all under one roof in the centre of Wrzeszcz/Gdansk.

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Gdańsk - Grunwald Avenue Intersection of streets Dmowskiego and Partyzantow

Gdańsk - Grunwald Avenue Intersection of streets Dmowskiego and Partyzantow google map 54.37810367196963,18.606982847698873

Intersection visible from islet belonging to the tram stop "Jaskowa Valley". Ideal seen of Wrzeszcz center: modern buildings, old market, shopping center "Manhattan", skyscraper "Olympus" and recently renovated tram stops.

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Gdynia - Festival "Globaltica" in Kolibki Park

Gdynia - Festival google map 54.47093541899401,18.558756709098816

Evening concert festival at Globaltica World Cultures Festival in 2012 in Gdynia Kolibki Park. July 28, 2012, on the stage expressive group of Alejandro Toledo & The Magic Tombolinos with vocalist playing saxophone and clarinet.

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Gdańsk - Commercial Center "Manhattan" - view from restaurant terrace VNS

Gdańsk - Commercial Center google map 54.377664198859094,18.60719608331567

Vew from the high terrace of Gdansk Manhattan Mall. Very good view point explains at Grunwaldzka Street intersection with Dmowskiego, the newly created "Quattro Towers" and the skyscraper Olymp. The entrance to the terrace is not generally available, but should not be a problem to get there.

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Sopot - Beach volleyball fields

Sopot - Beach volleyball fields google map 54.44961002378857,18.56776135336463

One of the many beach volleyball courts, located in territory of the city beach, near the Little Pier. The pictures show the rival players from the AWFiS sport university from Gdansk, at the spring volleyball tournament, which took place on 28 April 2012 in Sopot.

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harbour , ship

Władysławowo - Fishing port

Władysławowo - Fishing port google map 54.79679550795575,18.417827251434346

Port on the open sea, built in 1936-1938. The port władysławowski - one of the largest on the Polish Baltic coast, moor boats of local fishermen, identified by the abbreviation "WŁA" on the side. Amateurs of sea fishing can take advantage of recreational fishing opportunities here. In summer, the port is filled with cruise ships and private yachts.

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Sopot - Promenade at the end of the Hafnner Street

Sopot - Promenade at the end of the Hafnner Street google map 54.44418635792823,18.5660960534035

Promenade is located at the end of the street Johann Georg Haffner, just down the street at the intersection of Monte Cassino street.

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Sopot - Nurse Inka Park, monument dedicated to National Army

Sopot - Nurse Inka Park, monument dedicated to National Army google map 54.44263032584252,18.55669237294694

Monument in the Inka Nurse Park in Sopot, dedicated to the fallen and murdered soldiers of National Army. Thaddeus Markiewicz's sculpture on a pedestal made ​​by Leom Czerwinski. Monument erected in 1998 in front ofe the Faculty of Management Gdansk University at Avenue of Army Krajowa, May 1 Street and Wladyslaw Sikorski Street. In the park near the monument there is a modest moument of Ms Siedzikówny ps. "Inka".

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