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Český Těšín - City Office at the square of the Czechoslovak Army

Český Těšín - City Office at the square of the Czechoslovak Army google map 49.74608277104186,18.625291863507073

Czechoslovak Army Square was laid out in the late nineteenth century on the left bank of the town of Cieszyn. By this time in this place have only wooden cottages. In 1917, the Austrian authorities of Cieszyn redeemed for an amount of 160 000 Czech Crowns the area, but soon there was an end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and could not be completed the construction of a new square. In 1920 the city was divided into two parts. The construction of the town hall started in April 1928, destroying farm buildings of Tetlów, and completed in December 1928. Head to the municipal authorities until 1928 was in the old building Altmannów. In 1932 Tetlów demolished manor house on site yet unnamed With it market square. In November 1938 when he recovered Zaolzie drafted into the Polish, the Market Hall Market changed its name to Market of Beck, and after the outbreak of World War II, Herman Göring Platz and then to the Rathausplatz, and after the Second World War, to Dr. Benes Square, until in 1948 the name changed the market for Czechoslovak Army (Náměstí CSA), set in a central clump of greenery with with a star as the symbol of brotherhood with the Soviet Union.

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