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Cieszyn - Castle Hill

Cieszyn - Castle Hill google map 49.751206187107016,18.625418667636836

Border Castle hill, where stands rotunda from the eleventh century, the Piast Tower XIV, and the recently discovered remains of a cylindrical tower, so-called final defense tower. The oldest traces of settlement date back to the fifth century BC, the Roman times. It is thought that in VIII-th century there was a village ont he hill, surrounded by the 10 m shaft of the construction of earth and wood. From the hill there is a beautiful panorama of the Olza river valley , and the Czech Cieszyn. This area is often visited by tourists, it is worth to climb the tower and visit the Romanesque rotunda.

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Cieszyn - Friendship Bridge

Cieszyn - Friendship Bridge google map 49.74958529572731,18.627011212767002

Friendship Bridge is an old bridge over the river Olza border between the Czech and Polish Cieszyn. By 21 December 2007 served as a bridge allowing entrance from Polish to Czech Cieszyn (only one way). This place was good for crossing river Olza even in the fourteenth century. On one of the banks has ever even Water Gate demolished in the XVIII century, in 1880 was builded from stone and concrete, in the twentieth century, replaced by a new design. For 10 years through the bridge ran the city tram route. The present structure dates from 1953. Today there is no place for customers offices, and in one of its building there is a cafe of Political Criticism.

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Cieszyn - Well of Three Brothers

Cieszyn - Well of Three Brothers google map 49.748380807978585,18.630857500494358

Founded in the Middle Ages well. The symbolic meeting place of the legendary Three Brothers, as says a Latin inscription on an arbor over the well: "In the year 810 wiaropodobne foundation of the town of Cieszyn by the sons of Leszek III, the Polish king. Three brothers princes, Bolko, Leszko and Cieszko, went through a long journey at the source and tem enjoying the built in memory of the city, which received the name of Cieszyn". Well restored in the nineteenth century, thanks to Paul Stalmach. In 1868 was secured by cast-iron gazebo, specially cast in a steel mill in Trinec. On the middle wall of hut there is a visible relief of local sculptor John Raszka.

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Cieszyn - Church of Sts. Nicholas - Romanesque rotunda

Cieszyn - Church of Sts. Nicholas - Romanesque rotunda google map 49.75119007753554,18.62569424814069

One of the most valuable monuments of Cieszyn, Romanesque rotunda. The building was constructed in the late eleventh / twelfth century, was built of quarry stone, and cut limestone in technique opus emplectum. The diameter of the nave measures 6.4 meters and height of 11.3 meters is interesting that the figure should be given the Cieszyn rotunda is on the reverse of the banknote 20 zloty. To visit this building You need to buy a ticket and leave an ID card or passport at Piast Tower - in return we get a big metal key, which we can open the door of the rotunda.

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historical quarter

Cieszyn - Cieszyn's Venice

Cieszyn - Cieszyn's Venice google map 49.74736520226149,18.63043102926099

Cieszyn'sVenice is a picturesque place on a canal called Młynówka in Cieszyn. In the sixteenth century was the site of an industrial character, the water in the channel was used by blacksmiths, weavers, tanners, clothiers. Its waters served to drive the mill wheel and the runoff of wood to a nearby sawmill. Today it is a quiet and charming place, surrounded with low houses and bridges crossing the canal.

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market square

Cieszyn - Market square

Cieszyn - Market square google map 49.74870020744777,18.6333610705002

Cieszyn's market square is the focal point of the city, visited by locals and tourists and students. Its present form was formed in the late fifteenth century. In the center of the square there is a well with a figure of Saint Florian from 1777, designed by Vaclav Donaya from Skoczow. The current town hall is situated in Cieszyn city authorities, as well as the District Court.

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Cieszyn - Piast Tower

Cieszyn - Piast Tower google map 49.75146562328251,18.62616095250928

View from measuring 29 meters high tower, built in a square shape form, and which in ancient times was a part of the castle. The tower is located on the Castle Hill in Cieszyn, and is a town's symbol. From this height you can admire the beautiful view of the gorge Olza and Czech's part of town - Cesky Tesin

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