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city square

Galanta - Main square in Galanta

Galanta -  Main square in Galanta google map 48.18967004623226,17.72663141349176

Galanta (Hungarian: Galánta, German: Gallandau) is a small town in Slovakia. It is situated 50 km due east from the Slovak capital Bratislava. The land around Galanta has almost continuously been inhabited since the neolithic. From the second half of the 10th century until 1918, it was part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

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Galanta - Gothic castle in Galante

Galanta - Gothic castle in Galante google map 48.191601200902966,17.736448298486266

Esterházy Mansion is located in city parku.dali built in 1633 the brothers Daniel and Paul Esterházy renaissance as a fortified building. In 1736 it was rebuilt in Baroque style. Similarly today acquired the mansion in 1861, after a radical transformation of Joseph Esterhazy, who was inspired by the romantic Gothic Česky.

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