FotoPano Interactive Agency, a team of experienced panoramic photographers working Poland, Slovakia and other countries.
Our offer is directed mainly to the customers expecting the highest quality and creativity.


Spherical Panoramas

Spherical Panoramas allow the user to look around at the dowolonie desired direction, making it possible to present even a cramped room or inside the vehicle.
fee for the artist photographer

Spherical Panorama HDR

Spherical Panorama HDR arises from a combination of at least 24 photos (8 sets of 3 exposures of the same exposition one underexposed, second properly exposed and last one overexposed), so you can get a picture of
price 60£/€
fee for the artist photographer

Spherical panoramas from a pole

Images taken from a height of up to 6 meters. Allow you to shoot with a completely unknown perspective. Unlike aerial photography, or kites, photos by this technique can be safely performed in close proximity to people or architecture.
price 80£/€
fee for the artist photographer

Giga panoramas

Photographs with very high resolution (more than 1 billion pixels!), Are ideal for large prints or to a presentation on the Internet. With its large zoom we can see the details of scenes like photographed from close distance.

price to be determined

A sample virtual tour project - valuation:

price 200-500 £/€ depends on cost of transport to place

The package includes:

6szt. panoram
6 high quality spherical panoramas with a resolution of 18 megapixels
standard controller easily navigate through your presentation
przykładowe logo klienta
Custom logo with a link to return to a web page anywhere in the presentation
mini galeria przykład
combo mini-gallery with thumbnails enable rapid transition to each pan
All prices should be regarded as guide prices without VAT tax.
Each project due to the different characteristics and place and conditions of taking photos, will be treated and valued individually in consultation with the client.

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