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Sopot - Inhalation fountain at Balneotherapy

Sopot -  Inhalation fountain at Balneotherapy google map 54.44495469184822,18.569954059234306

Inhalation fountain, covered with gazebo, interestingly finished with brine, available to the public at all times. Fountain is on the square between the Department of Balneological and Park Hotel, near the entrance to the pier in Sopot.

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Sopot - Town Hall seen from the front

Sopot - Town Hall seen from the front google map 54.44005393484331,18.564349583497687

City Hall is located in the century-old building in the city center. Historically, the first seat of the municipal town of Sopot was at the end of 1900, non-existent today Fewsona Villa. Villa was located in the vicinity of the park and Haffner's stream, and close to Hotel Victoria area. Villa was used as a City Hall since 1910. Soon, on the villa's place was built a new city hall, designed by Paul Puchmuellera. When Sopot became the seat of county government, decided to expand the building (years 1922-1923). The building was extended by the meeting room and gallery. At the end of World War II because of war damage which ruined Gdańsk, building was used as the seat of the voivoid authorities. Only since 1958, this building started to function as a municipality of the city of Sopot. In the foreground, a flag hoisted on the occasion of National Day of May 3.

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Sopot - Little pier

Sopot - Little pier google map 54.4497878048679,18.568979076257392

Small pier is located near the Gulf of Arts in Sopot, very often visited by young people after an overnight party in the Sphinx Club, the place is never crowded with tourists and is always a chance to take a break here from the city, and what important admission is absolutely free, if you manage to climb there.

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Sopot - Friends of Sopot Square from the Pavilion "Aga"

Sopot - Friends of Sopot Square from the  Pavilion google map 54.44452968124559,18.568525782933875

Pavilion "Aga" is an object created in the days of communism. Now houses the Restaurant Monteka, "Club 70" and enter at the downstairs to a very popular disco club "Tropical Island". From the height of the terrace can be seen very well renovated Friends of Sopot Square.

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Sopot - Bar "Przystan" (eng. Harbour)

Sopot - Bar google map 54.437021473253075,18.58030336271827

One of the Sopot's "close to beach" outdoor restaurants. They serving propably the best fish soup in town, We haven't tested it yet, but we would like to order once something other from their... This is a just wondering why of these poeple standing in a line - for a bowl of the fish soup?

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Sopot - Balneological Sanatorium in Sopot

Sopot - Balneological Sanatorium in Sopot google map 54.445078,18.56984607871243

It is a part of the Provincial Sanatorium of Rheumatology at right at the entrance to the pier in Sopot. Balneological Department was established in 1903, and entered in the register of monuments in 1982. Building was designed by Paul Puchmüller and Heinrich Dunkel, and the cost of building was 460 000 marks. Previously at this place was the bath of George Haffner. On the wall hangs a table in tribute to a founder of the spa. The building is decorated with sculptures and stained glass windows - above the main portal, you can see the sculpture of mermaids and Triton and the arms of the city. At the windows of the treatment room, we can admire the Art Nouveau stained glass by Ferdinand Müller from Quedlinburg. Above the chimney was builded a tower, which is serving the function of the observation tower today and what's interesting it is a working lighthouse. We'll get there after oncrete spiral stairs after buying the appropriate ticket.

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Sopot - Crossroads of Monte Cassino and John Sobieski

Sopot - Crossroads of Monte Cassino and John Sobieski google map 54.443403668415414,18.564610706398753

A place that offers a perfect view of the entire Monciak (Monte Cassino Street in Sopot), right at the florist kiosk, and Rossmann drugstore, just below the church, walking down towards the pier. Across the street there is an Alfonso Chmielewski street, KFC fastfood bar, restaurant "Smakosz" (Gourmet), located in a beautiful eclectic building crowned with a dome.

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Sopot - Balancing sculpture hanging over Monte Cassino

Sopot - Balancing sculpture hanging over Monte Cassino google map 54.444139074430296,18.566925153095212

One of the many great hanging sculptures by George Kędziora, part of the exhibition titled "Balancing Sculptures". It is on the Monte Cassino Street in Sopot at the height of the Crooked Little House, mounted on a rope at a height of about 5 meters above the ground.

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Sopot - Crossroad of Aleja Niepodległosci and Sikorskiego street

Sopot - Crossroad of Aleja Niepodległosci and Sikorskiego street google map 54.44146600999594,18.55987364386374

Panorama from a height of six meters of height, on the crossroad where the original buildings of Sopot can be seen. Independence Avenue, runs along the meridian of the city and is a main artery of the Tri-City, connecting Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk, and extending it further in the direction of Rumia, Reda and Wejherowo - the so-called Little Kashubian Tricity. After Independence Avenue run daily buses and trolley buses from Gdynia and from Gdansk.

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historical quarter

Sopot - Monte Cassino street at the Sopot Auction House

Sopot - Monte Cassino street at  the Sopot Auction House google map 54.44362593159152,18.56510929759213

Spring morning on the main street in Sopot. Monte Cassiono Street in Sopot, known as a Monciak. At this early time You can't see tourists yet, probably sleeping after party, this is a time for cleaning service to clean very well dirty streets and passages.

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