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Balneological Sanatorium in Sopot

Sopot Sopot

It is a part of the Provincial Sanatorium of Rheumatology at right at the entrance to the pier in Sopot. Balneological Department was established in 1903, and entered in the register of monuments in 1982. Building was designed by Paul Puchmüller and Heinrich Dunkel, and the cost of building was 460 000 marks. Previously at this place was the bath of George Haffner. On the wall hangs a table in tribute to a founder of the spa. The building is decorated with sculptures and stained glass windows - above the main portal, you can see the sculpture of mermaids and Triton and the arms of the city. At the windows of the treatment room, we can admire the Art Nouveau stained glass by Ferdinand Müller from Quedlinburg. Above the chimney was builded a tower, which is serving the function of the observation tower today and what's interesting it is a working lighthouse. We'll get there after oncrete spiral stairs after buying the appropriate ticket.